The University was founded in 1930 as an educational institution but acquired its university status only in 1992. Nowadays MSTU “STANKIN” is one of the leading scientific and educational institutions focused on training of  highly qualified specialists for various branches of  mechanical engineering complex.

 MSTU “STANKIN” is one of the first Russian universities which introduced a multilevel system of education, comprising Bachelor’s, Master’s and Specialist’s training and has  successfully educated students awarding them with scientific degrees and diplomas for over 20 years.



 The Center for Education of Foreign Citizens. The University has been educating foreign students since 1952. More than 3,000 of its graduates are successfully working in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America; holding positions of ministers, heads of large industrial enterprises and research institutes, rectors, professors and leading experts of universities.

 The Center provides comfortable studying and living conditions, ensuring high quality of education. Individual training programs aimed at social adaptation of foreign students, and their attraction to scientific research can prepare experts strongly demanded by major business communities around the world.

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