Higher education received in MSUT «STANKIN» is a quick and easy way to become a sought-after professional in the modern labor market. Undergraduate programs of the University are complete higher education at the level of world standards. 

The bachelor's degree of the University will allow you to get all knowledge and skills required of aperson with higher education today. For the employer you will be highly valuable to their universal preparation and openness towards professional growth.

University undergraduate programs involve training of wide profile. This means that you will receive a fundamental education without narrow specialization and continue their education by enrolling in a master's degree or getting a second degree.

It is very important that the qualification of "Bachelor" is recognized not only by Russian employers. This degree is included in the international classification; it is understandable to foreign and international companies. Significant competitive advantage of MSUT «STANKIN» graduates is an educational brand "STANKIN" - the guarantor of the quality of your knowledge for foreign employers.

Higher education received in our University - is the foundation of your future professional success!

- 15.03.05 - Design-technological support of engineering production; 
- 15.03.04 - Automation of technological processes and production;
- 27.03.02 - Quality Management;
- 27.03.01 - Standardization and Metrology;
- 09.03.01 - Computer Science and Engineering;
- 09.03.02 - Information Systems and Technology;
- 09.03.03 - Applied Computer Science;
- 38.03.01 - Economics;
- 38.03.02 - Management.

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