In the process of development of the program of automation of technological processes and productions», students receive deep knowledge in the field of control theory, synthesis of computer systems of automation, diagnostics and protection of technological processes and productions; master tooling systems PLC programming, SCADA systems, intelligent control systems of the technological facilities.

The main attention is paid to the study of the theory and management practice of technological processes.

Area of professional activity of graduates of our University includes automation of existing and creation of new computerized automation technologies and enterprises, providing production of competitive products, as well as the design, research, production and operation management systems in industrial and defense sectors in the economy and transport.

Objects of bachelor's professional activity are system of computer automation, control and technical diagnostics of technological processes, methods and means of their design, simulation and experimental research. If you dream to have a career in these areas – MSUT «STANKIN» is the right choice for you! Форма обращений

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