Financial management is one of the main tasks facing any modern enterprise. Professionals in the field of economy overlook a key role both in business and public administration, and in the life of the whole country.

You want to be consistently in demand by leading companies of the Russian and international markets? Strive to understand the secrets of economic efficiency? You want to build your own business and you need for this urgent and modern knowledge? Welcome to MSUT "STANKIN"!

The program «Economics» is intended for preparation of universal industry professionals, capable to solve a wide range of tasks, deal with financial issues of the company development plan, and keep records. If you want to become a highly-paid specialist in the sphere of economy, get while studying the necessary knowledge and skills, prepare for employment and career development, we are waiting for you on the program «Economy»! After graduating the program «Economics», you will discover all the prospects of the industry and rapid career growth. You could take competent decisions in different economic situations;you will become a professional, indispensable for any organization. Форма обращений

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