The program «Quality Management» involves the training of specialists able to solve the following tasks:

• To analyze the market of products and services

• To identify existing problems in the organization

• Develop measures to reduce costs materials, reduce complexity and increase productivity

• Analyze the causes of defects and production of low quality, to develop measures for their prevention

• Check the quality of services and products

• Develop new, more effective means of quality control

• Continually improve the quality of processes, products and services of the organization (enterprise)

• Participate in testing in production

• Provide certification of production and products

• Take measures to improve safety and environmental processes

• Design and management organization with its operation

• Develop business plans and implement them

• Participate in negotiations , presentations

• Manage material and information flows in the manufacture of products and provision of services

• Maintain financial statements of an entity

• Select personnel to conduct their training and certification, to assist in their professional growth

• Professionally manage staff

• Implement in production information technology and and computer-aided design and management

• Ensure the protection of information

A specialist with a wide range of professional competences will become an indispensable employee for any sphere of business, and later qualified head, ready to work in the largest companies of the world. Форма обращений

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