In modern conditions, the quality is the key to success of any company, any business in any country. Marking «compliance with standards » on the packaging of any product instantly gives us confidence. Nowadays everything is certified and checked for compliance with standards from toothpicks to the aircraft carrier. Issues of quality control and quality assurance in own professional activity of the specialist, who was educated according to the program «Standardization and Metrology».

Graduates of MSUT «STANKIN» withbachelor degree in a direction of «Standardization and Metrology» can apply their high competence in various areas, including:

- thecenters of standardization, metrology and certification;

- measuring and testing laboratories;

- various spheres of metrological assurance of manufacture of the enterprises of a machine-building complex;

- metrological services of building organizations;

- departments of standardization and quality control, regardless of the direction of activity of the enterprise or business;

- quality control and audit of technological processes production;

For receiving high-quality education the students are provided with modern laboratories and computer classes, in which they acquire practical skills of working with meters and processing of measurement results, learn to organize and conduct certification tests.

If You want to learn how to develop the standards, norms, rules and requirements for specific types of products (services), technological processes of their development, production and consumption (use), control the fulfillment of the enterprise rules and requirements to products and services, to assess the level of marriage, determine the reasons of its occurrence and to take measures to prevent and address, You will make the right choice, receiving education in our University. Форма обращений

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