List of the documents necessary for the foreign students to enter MSTU "STANKIN" :

  • Document which certifies the identity of a citizen and contains Russian visa (for the countries providing visa exchange)
  • Original document of a foreign country confirming education level or qualification (or its copy required by law) and  its offical transcript.
  • Certified as requiered by law Russian translation of a diploma (or any other equivalent academic degree of education level or qualification) of a foreign country and its official transcript. 
  • Medical files which confirm absence of adverse health conditions for education period in the University.
  • Amount of money sufficient for education payment,  accomodation (for the  period of 1 year, at least) and medical insurance policy. 
  • 12 photographs( mat, 3x4 сm)

Procedural formalities of the invitation of foreign students for the admission at MSTU "STANKIN":

  • Enrollee (or his/her representative) completes an invitation form and provides a copy of passport which will allow him/her entrance in the territory of the Russian Federation ( the documents can be sent on  the following e-mail  or;
  • Completed invitation form is available after 30 days of its receipt and can be taken by enrollee (or his/her representative) in the University at the office 0114;
  • Enrollee arranges visa in his homeland in the Consular Department of the Russian Federation and informes the University of his arrival to Russia by the telephone, by e-mail or via his/her representative;
  • Enrollee crosses the border and comes to study at the University;
  • On the day of arrival enrollee is to come at the office 0114 of the University to registrate the documents and to settle into the dormitory.
 Form for invitation

Receipt form for payment of fees

Leaflets for Foreign Students

Форма обращений

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