STANKIN is one of the first Universities (1994) that introduced a multilevel system that comprises Bachelors’, Masters’ and specialists’ training and has been successfully educating students with degrees and diplomas for over 15 years.

Bachelor’s degree    
Bachelor's education lasts 4 years. Throughout the curriculum students acquire basic university and engineering education, master first special disciplines. On finishing education, students are assigned Bachelor’s degree in one of the chosen areas. Then students complete their training course and work as undergraduates with Bachelor’s degree or continue studying in order to obtain Master’s degree.  

Master’s degree 
To obtain the Master’s degree students study for 2 years, to acquire profound knowledge and skills in basic and special disciplines. At the end of education students defend a dissertation (thesis) for a degree. Students with Master’s degree have advantages to apply for PhD.

Postgraduate school  
MSTU "Stankin" trains scientific-pedagogical staff and research workers within the framework of postgraduate professional education, which is conducted in the form of postgraduate studies, doctoral studies. Job search assistance is provided as well. Postgraduate course qualifies academic staff in six fields of science (Engineering, Physics and Mathematics, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology and Pedagogy) and 22 scientific specialties. There are two forms of education – full time and correspondence. Standard period of study in postgraduate school is 3 years (full-time form) and 4 years (correspondence form). Admission is carried out on a competitive basis according to the results of entrance examinations. Entrance examinations are held in the form of examination sessions (up to four times a year).

Second Higher Education. IIDIT    
Inter-branch Institute for Development of Innovative Technologies (IIDIT) offers wide variety of educational services ranging from short-term courses of advanced training to programs of additional to higher education qualification, including the MBA program. 
The University implements the following educational MBA programs "MBA Production Management", "MBA - Strategic management» and "MBA - Information Management", training period is 2.5 years. Additional higher economic education with a specialization in "Economy and management at the enterprise.". Training period is 2.5 years.   Additional higher technical education with a specialization in "Computer Engineering and Computer-Aided Systems Software”
"Training period is 2.5 years.  

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