Instruction on Dormitory Rules

Accommodation in the dormitories is provided for foreign students and is located in close proximity to the University. You can find them at the following addresses:

1) Vadkovsky lane, 18A.

2) Studencheskaya street, 33

Separate 16 – floor building for foreign students allocates  places to stay on 6,7,8,14,15,16 floors. There are all necessary conditions for living, studying and leisure for students in the hostel. 

Student hostel has a building – block system. Each block has 2 rooms: 2 – bedded (12 sq.m) and 3 –bedded (18 sq.m); a toilet, a bathroom (WC separated). Students from one country placed in the individual blocks. There is all necessary furniture for living in the rooms: cupboards, dining table, beds, bedside tables, tables for self – education (individually for each person), and chairs. Fridge and TV – are on request.

Each room has access to the Internet.

All residents are provided with bedding. Change of linen is made not less than 1 time in 10 days.

There are some private rooms for married couples (provided that both members of the family are students of MSTU “STANKIN”) in the block.

There is a kitchen for general use on each floor. Each kitchen is equipped with 4 electric plates (4 plates on each), 4 sinks, and 6 countertops. Hot and cold water - permanently.

There is a room for laundry (washing machines are installed for general use) and ironing (ironing tables, irons) in a domestic hostel complex. The cost of one wash is 100 rubles. The system of payment – in cash-in machine.

There is a room for student’s self – education in which there are tables for self-training (8 pcs.), chairs, whiteboard, flipchart, free Internet access on each floor.

Security system of student’s hostel is provided at a high level. You can enter  the hostel only by passes. There is a twenty – four hours a day security station at the entrance of the hostel, which is constantly staffed by a private security company and a representative of the local Police Department.

Every 2 hours around the clock security guards make a detour to patrol each and every corner of the dormitory, checking every floor. There is a video surveillance in the students residence.

Fire extinguishing system in a hostel meets the standards and requirements of fire safety, the conclusion of State Fire Security (SFS). There is a modern equipment of fire alarm in all areas of the hostel (system of an automatic tone – warning) in case of a fire alarm. There are fire hoses, individual means of extinguishing, gas – smoke respiratory protection kits on each floor. There are mounted rescue devices on different floors for evacuation in case of extreme conditions in the building.

There is a medical office of first aid in the hostel. On each floor of the dormitory there are 2 loggias of common areas with high secure fence to exclude the possibility of an accident.

There is a cozy cafe with hot food for the convenience of living in the hostel. Opening hours of the cafe: 11.00 A.M. - 23.00 P.M. Daily (except Sundays) students, who are living in a dormitory, have the opportunity to use a free hot breakfast in the University dining room from 7.00 A.M.

Hostel has its own Sports and Wellness complex with a fully equipped gym with a variety of  physical culture facilities where you can also take up team sports. Use of the sports hall and the equipment are free of charge.

There are 3 metro station (M. Novoslobodskaya, M. Savelovskaya, M. Mendeleevskaya), convenient transportation, grocery stores, markets in walking distance nearby.

Service of  hostel exploitation holds urgent adjustment works and planned annual redecoration of  buildings and infrastructure.

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Student Dormitory Decree in Moscow State University of Technology 
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