Registration rules of foreign students, registration of departure for limits of the Russian Federation and movement inside it

1. Foreigners and stateless persons who have entered Russia to study, on arrival at the point specified in the visa or a direction for study (for those who enjoy the right of visa - free checkout) should within 24 hours submit their documents to the administration of the educational institution for registration of the right of residence in Russia.

2. Foreigners and temporarily residing in the Russian Federation are required to have a policy of medical insurance. This document shall ensure the provision and financing of services in the event of an accident, a sudden illness, and transportation (repatriation) to their native land.

If foreigners make insurance outside of the Russian Federation, they will require the assurance that the insurance company that issue the policy, cooperates with Russian insurance companies or have another form of assistance to citizens on the above direction of the place of study.

3. Foreigners who during their  studying at the university are having their national documents (passport or other documents confirming your personal identity) expired, should cope with it in time, not less than 15 days prior to the expiration of the period to extend or replace them and give to the university administration to make changes to the documents .

For the renewal of registration of the foreign national documents, foreigners represent them to the university administration (high school) before the month of its expiration data.

4. If a foreign student  loses his/her passport or other equivalent document he/she should immediately inform the university administration and the Embassy of their country in Russia. When a foreign student gets a new passport, he should be obliged to present it during the day to process registration.

5. If necessary to go abroad (home during the holidays, for family circumstances or at the end of study) foreigners must apply to the administration of the University (high school) for a visa. Term of the visa is 15 days. On their return to Russia, they have to pass within a day marked on the visa.

6. When leaving the cities and regions of Russia, open to foreigners, it is necessary to issue a travel permit. Such a permit is issued in the form of a Notice, indicating the name of the item, route to it, time and address of residence at this point.

7. Departure of the foreign students to the native land, to the cities and regions of Russia is allowed only during the holidays.

8. Trips during study hours for valid reasons are carried out only in the presence of official supporting documents.

9. After graduation or expulsion of foreigners, they should leave the Russian Federation within the prescribed period of the administration of the educational institution (two weeks).

10. Violation listed in these memo rules of registration, accommodation and travel entails administrative liability in the form of a warning, the fine from 500 to 1000 rubles, the expulsion from Russia or criminal liability under the laws of the Russian Federation.

11. Foreign citizens, who have the status of University's students, are forbidden to engage in commercial activities or employment.

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