Procedure of invitation execution (for enrollees from states with visa exchange)

1. In the ECIS the enrollee fills up a form for invitation and gives an accurate duplicate of the civil passport (form and duplicate of passport can be sent by fax or e-mail).
2. Staff members of the ECIS and International department prepare a package of documents and take it to the FMS of Moscow for execution of an invitation letter.
3. The FMS of Moscow prepare an invitation for entry (21 days).
4. The enrollee (or his/her representative) takes back the invitation to the ECIS (office 0114.
5. The enrollee executes an entrance visa for study on his/her native soil.
6. The enrollee crosses a border and arrives for studying at MSTU “STANKIN”
7. On arrival the enrollee comes to the ECIS (office 0114).
8. Staff members of the ECIS execute the rest of the documents and accept the enrollee.

Form for invitation

Форма обращений

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