Faculty of Information Technology and Control Systems (ITCS) - is focused on training the most highly-demanded engineering specialists. Since 2011, the faculty integrated several departments: Engineering specialties, Bachelors and 
Master’s courses, that previously were delivered at 4 faculties: "Information Technology", "Mechanics and Control," "Technology" and "Part-time (Evening) department." The mainstay of the modern ITCS form departments, educational programs that are geared to training highly qualified specialists at all levels from undergraduate to PhD. 

Our faculty trains highly qualified, creative and all-round professionals able to operate successfully in various fields of science, industry and business in the following areas:

information technologies, the modern world necessary competence;
mechatronics and robotics;
computer-aided design, modeling and modern machines and systems computer control;
Metrology, instrumentation and quality provision to modern engineering industries. 

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