Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) is a dynamically developing faculty of the University. It combined the best traditions of engineering education and innovative approaches for training qualified economists and managers for rapidly elevating industrial areas. Education at this department gives highly qualified specialists an opportunity to obtain necessary economic, managerial knowledge and skills.
Forms of education
■ Higher economic education;
■ Full-time and part-time forms of training;
■ Free education and education on a contract basis;
■ Additional higher education (the translator in the sphere of professional communication);
■ Double Degree Program with the University of Applied Sciences. Kai-ani. Finland. Two bachelor’s degrees for one period of study;
■ 1C Certificate
The successful activity of our graduates in industrial economy and governmental sectors, banks, investment and insurance companies, consulting and auditing firms, advertising agencies and trade - is the evidence of the qualitative training at the Faculty of Economics and Management.
Our graduates have the following positions:
• Business Development Manager of the enterprise;
• Head of Budgeting and Controlling
• Economist and Manager in the field of investment projects evaluation 
• Head of PR-company and advertising
• Brand Manager
• Investment Analyst


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