Institute of Machine Building and Engineering (MBE)

Dean of Faculty - Volkov Andrey Erikovich, D.Sc. in engineering, Professor
Assistants to the Dean:
Bryukhanov Vladimir Nikolayevich, Doctor of Science, Professor
Churilin Andrey Victorovich, Associate Professor
Vyunnik Lyudmila Ivanovna, Associate Professor

Institute of Machine Building and Engineering (MBE) is a backbone faculty of  MSTU "STANKIN" university providing complex training for the team of specialists – experts in exploration, application of  new types of  production and improvement of existing ones focused on the most demanded industrial companies. Since 2011 Institute incorporated departments and directions of  training that previously had been based on three other faculties: «Mechanics and Control», «Technological» and «Part time education».For more than eighty five years the Faculty departments have been preparing qualified specialists for basic engineering sectors and have all the necessary resources to provide the decent growth for the scientists and reproduce the human resources to reach strategic targets in the field of technological modernization of the Russian Federation.

Since 2011 ETE has been the only Institute of MSTU "STANKIN" University that is entitled to train all–degree specialists with diplomas of certified engineers, bachelors and masters.

Many educational laboratories, research and educational centers are outfitted with advanced equipment. Following scientific formations generate the strong  fundamental support of the university’s interests: Laboratory of  Resource – Saving Technologies, the Center of  Physical and Technological Research, Computer Learning Center "Computerized Design", the State Engineering Center, the State Interacademic  Center of  Labour and Environmental Safety, etc.

All these and many others are at students’ disposal what allows to go ahead the whole way from the process of studying to the scientific discovery and its implementation.

After the graduation students are able to pursue postgraduate studies and after finishing the thesis (o dissertation) – to master in doctorate.


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