Scientists of MSTU "STANKIN" took part in the high-profile 9-th International Conference on Photonic Technologies "LANE-2016"(Furt,Germany) 

  Eminent scientists of MSTU "STANKIN" Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathemtics, chief research worker of the Laboratory of Innovative Additive Technologies Andrey Gusarov and his deputy manager  Dmitriy Kotoban participated in the 9-th International Conference on Photonic Technologies "LANE-2016" (19th-22nd September) which took place in Furt, Germany. 

Conference on Photonic Technologies "LANE" is a large-scale platform for international exchange of experience, ideas, opinions, perspectives, results and technological solutions in the sphere of laser machining of materials, including different methods of additive manufacturing with the help of laser.  
In 2016  subject-matter of Additive Production was transferred into a separate section, as a direction booming in the whole world. MSTU "STANKIN" presented 4 scientific researches there:

1. D.V. Kotoban, А.А. Aramov, T.V. Tarasova "Possibility of multimaterial 3-D laser welding deposition of nickel alloy and steel."

2. K.E. Protasov, V.А. Safronov, D.V. Kotoban, А.V. Gusarov "Experimental researches of imposed stresses in items, received from the selective laser melting."

3. P.S. Khmyrov, V.А. Safronov, А.V. Gusarov  "Production of flawless WC-Co alloys by selective laser melting."

4. I.V. Zhirnov, P.S. Khmyrov, K.E. Protasov, А.V. Gusarov  "Temporary visualization of laser- lay fusion of lime silicates glass".

This year the Conference gathered more than 300 people from more than 100 scientific, educational and industrial organizations.


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