"Students Fall 2016" in MSTU "STANKIN"

24th of  November in MSTU "STANKIN" took place international students research & development conference "Students Fall 2016", organized by Russian language lecturers of Department of Foreign Languages. Its participants - Russian and International students - presented reports, read lectures and showed presentations on such acute themes in machine-building industry and informational technologies such as:  "Industry 4.0 in our life", "Cloud technologies", "Smart devices", "Virtual reality and education", "Computer organization", "Algorithm and software language development", "Industrial robots and their usage in machine-engineering", "Metal-working machines", "3D printers. Implementation areas.", "Green electricity and our future". 

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Within its framework conference united many people including masters, candidates, leading researchers (also from Department of Computer Control Systems and Department of Informational sytems) who were ready to take part in discussions, propose solutions to  many actual scientific issues and develop existing technologies. Constructive dialogue between the audience and the jury showed high level of students'  projects, their vivid  interest in doing  research work. After the conference the jury appreciated and enclosed gratitude to the academic community of Russian language department whose lecturers contributed into developmen and strengthening of international links, making up communicative and object competences of students, increasing the level of their motivation to the education process. Success of the conference puts an emphasis on the importance of intersubject communications and growth of students interest to the R&D sphere and its practical realization. 

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