Visit of delegation of National University n.a. Arturo Hauretche (Argentina) to the MSTU "STANKIN"

Rector of National University n.a. Arturo Hauretche(Argentina) Ernesto Villanueva came on a working trip to our university on the 5th of July 2016. This university was named after famous Argentinian political activist, economist and philosopher Arturo Hauretche and is considered to be one of the youngest and the most developing of Argentinian higher educations. Being situated 25 km southeast of Buenos-Aires it provides education to, approximately, 15,000 of students. 
Educational infrastructure of this university consists of 4 faculties: basic education (preparatory department), faculty of social sciences and management, faculty of engineering and agricultural science and faculty of medical science. Studying  is conducted on the 15 bachelor programs. 
In the framework of the visit there were raised the issues of cooperation in the field of  scientific researches and innovations, issues of academic mobility of students and lecturers. The visiters attended the Federal Center of Collective Usage "State Engineering Center" (SEC), laboratory of additive technologies, laboratory of laser beam spark sintering established under the Governmental Decree №220 "About the measures of technical response support in Russian educational institutions of higher education". Argentinian colleagues highlighted an extremely high level of R&D activity in "STANKIN" university what resulted in arrangement to create a project of academic exchanges between students and teachers of MSTU "STANKIN"  and National University n.a. Arturo Hauretche.

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