December 25-27th, 2017  MSTU “STANKIN” held the All-Russian scientific-practical conference.

From the 25th to 27th of December, 2017 Federal Center of Technical Works of Students (FCTWS) of MSTU “STANKIN” held the All-Russian scientific-practical conference “Issues of quality and effectiveness in the functioning of organizations (institutions) of additional education for children and adults in the modern reality.” *

Pro-rector for educational activity of MSTU “STANKIN” Yuliya Eleneva greeted the participants of the conference and awarded them with diplomas and memorial signs “For loyalty to additional education in Russia” in relation to the upcoming date – 100th anniversary of the system of additional (nonschool) education in Russia.

Director of FCTWS of MSTU “STANKIN” Sergey Nikulin awarded diplomas of  laureates and    diploma winners of the All-Russian concourse of professional skills of representatives of the sphere of additional  education “We teach to live in harmony with hearts and affairs”, and the All-Russian open creative concourse of representatives of educational organizations in the sphere of additional education “Pedagogical kaleidoscope–2017”.

Within the framework of the conference all the participants were granted the certificates of the conference members and promotional gifts of FCTWS MSTU “STANKIN”.








*The event was hosted in accordance with the ordinance of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation № o-901 from 5th of December 2017. Conference was hosted in the frame of All-Russian concourse of guidance papers of representatives of the sphere of education “100 best practices in the system of additional education of children of research and development specialty in Russia”. Concourse is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the system of additional (non-school) education of children.


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