MSTU "STANKIN" participated in the II French-Russian Forum in the field of aerospace education and science (Toulouse, France)

In December 2016 Toulouse (France) became the venue for the II French-Russian Forum in the field of Aerospace Education and Science (the very first conference took place in Moscow the last year). This year the base to set the conference was provided by the French Civil Aviation University (FCAU). Modern Toulouse is one of the leading research centers in France, making the great contribution into the cosmic branch (in particular the main manufacturing of Airbus is concentrated in Toulouse).

The Forum is aimed at the development of scientific and innovative activity of the universities both in France and Russia, increase of academic mobility, establishment and strengthening of cooperation between our two countries in the field of science and education, drawing attention of academic society and employers to the issues of advancement of staff training in the field of mutual collaboration.

The Forum’s agenda united representatives of leading French and Russian universities, scientific centers and enterprises of France (National Centre for Space Studies, Investigation Centre on Aeronautics, European aviation company AIRBUS etc.), Russian R&D centres and companies, embassy of the Russian Federation in France.

MSTU “STANKIN” was represented by the head of Department of Scientific and Academic Cooperation T. V. Tarasova who made the report about the training and education in STANKIN, field of scientific interests  and performance capabilities of the University in the  development of collective projects with French partners in the sphere of education and science.

The II French-Russian Forum  gave a great opportunity for the participants to make the new contacts and to the strengthen the current ones, to discuss and work out the new basis for the mutual cooperation between Russian and French partners in the sphere of education, science and industry.  

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