Delegation of South Korea (in the sphere of additive technologies) paid a visit to MSTU “STANKIN”

Delegation consisting of chief executives of big industrial companies InssTek Inc. и C&C Automotive Co. Ltd from the Republic of Korea paid a visit to MSTU “STANKIN” on February 27-28, 2017. The visit was stipulated by the establishment of partnership and acquaintance with the vast experience, accumulated in MSTU “STANKIN” in the field of machinery engineering, particularly, in the sphere of additive technologies.

 InssTek Inc. is the notable manufacturer of machines used for additive technologies, based on the laser surface coating (DMT). Its usage allows to synthesize complex three dimensional items what comes to be a brand new direction for the Russian machine building industry, thus the top management of South Korean companies are highly interested in Russian partner which has a great plenty of experience and competencies in the sphere of additive technologies to set up new production capacities in the Russian market.

The purpose of the negotiations was to introduce series-produced machines for additive technologies  manufactured by InssTek to the Russian market featuring the local content of its production what turns out to be unprecedented in Russian additive technologies manufacturing.

According to the results of the negotiations between the chief executives of the above-mentioned companies and rector of MSTU “STANKIN” there was signed up a protocol of intentions which contains the range of initial provisions on the strategic partnership in the sphere of additive technologies:

- Strategic partnership agreement undertaking, including mutual program of development and promotion of CNC researches and additive technologies in Russian machinery at the premises of MSTU “STANKIN”;

- Implementation of knowledge exchange in the sphere of CNC researches and additive technologies;

- Organization and holding of an enhanced and training seminar with the representatives of the leading enterprises of defense-industrial complex for the purpose of identification of the needs and interests of Russian enterprises to implement additive technologies of manufacturing;

- Joint innovative enterprise establishment with a focus on localization of InssTek’s products manufacturing in Russia at the premises of MSTU “STANKIN”;

- Assistance in making special investment contract (SPIC) with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for the purposes of support of the Insstek’s products manufacturing within the framework of the joint enterprise;

- Establishment of consortiums at the premises of MSTU “STANKIN” – on the Russian side and at the premises of InssTek – on the side of the Republic of Korea with the involvement of leading enterprises and organizations in the sphere of machine building, machine tool industry and additive technologies.


Honorary guests highly appreciated CNC system “Perspective” developed in MSTU “STANKIN”  as well as significant experience of research works and development of our university in the field of additive technologies.

Arrangements, conferred upon the Parties of the Protocol of Intentions are scheduled to be realized as early as in the current year.

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