Students of our university - winners of the concourse "ITALIAN MACHINE TOOL TECHNOLOGY AWARD -2016"

From 27th of November to 4th of December the group of students (it ocurred to be the fifth group of students in succession participating in the similar program through the recent years) from MSTU "STANKIN" was promoted to undertake an internship in Italy in the framework of Russian-Italian Center of Machine-Building and Metal Working functioning on the basis of our university.
The group of students consisted of young researchers who won prestigious international competition "ITALIAN MACHINE TOOL TECHNOLOGY AWARD-2016" organized by Italian partners of "STANKIN" -  Italian Trade Agency under the guidance of  Italian Embassy (ICE) with the the assistance of  Italian machine-building association UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE to search and select the best sudents projects in the field of machine-building, concerning the following exchange of professional competences among the winners of the competition and Italian experts in the sphere of Education and Machine-Building Technologies. According to the results of the strict competitive selection in 2016 among the students of MSTU "STANKIN" the R&D works of the following students were accepted and won the highest prizes - internship in Italy: 
  •  Zabuzova E. M. "Ultrasonic distance measurement as a method of wireless control of geometric parametres of processed parts"  by the assignment  of  "Metrology and measuring systems in Science and Manufacturing";
  • Prokhorenko L.S. "Development of trajectory methods planning for broadening of range of accomplished motions of an industrial robot" by the assignment of "Industrial robotic complexes and mechatronic systems"; 
  • Satunin N.N. "Technological development process of receiving different forms of thread on the irregular surfaces" by the assignment of "Computer technologies and modelling in manufacturing" 
  • Skotchenko G.A. "Innovative construction of end-milling cutter with spherical cutting face and controllable angle of slope on the generating instrumental surface" by the assignment of  "Innovations in industrial production".
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The main goals of the internship for the students were:
  • acquisition of professional experience and new knowledge about modern Italian machine-building technologies and equipment;
  • aquaintance with the principles of manufacturing organization in Italy.   

Expenditure financing, connected with the trip: transport and accomodation costs - were provided by Italian Trade Agency under the guidance of  Italian embassy (ICE).

The internship program was eventful, extremely intense and scrupulously planned. It included the course of lectures in one of the leading educational institutions, attendance of cultural events and plenty of industrial companies specialised in Technologies and Engineering.The group of winners was accompanied by the expert of ICE in Saint-Petersburg Victoria Liush and lecturer of MSTU "STANKIN" Petr Pivkin. Apart from the Russian students the internship was passed by Mexican and American students - winners of preliminaries of the concourse "Italian Machine Tools Technology Awards 2016" what contributed to the intensive international exchange of communication and stored knowledge between the students of different countries. 

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Course of lectures was set in  LIUC - Università Carlo Cattaneo (Castellanza) with the participation of the leading scientists and specialists of the University -  rector Federico Visconti and professor Alessandro Sinatra. At the end of the lecture course on 29th of November official awarding ceremony of the winners of "Italian Machine Tools Technology Awards 2016" took place. Students from Russia, Mexico and the USA were given the awards from the curator of the assignment of Industrial Technologies, Energetics and Environment of the central office of ICE in Rome Ferdinando Pastore, director of Department of Marketing of Association of Italian Machine, Robotics and Automation Manufactures "UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE" Alberto Nicolai and president of Italian Federation of Lathes and Manufacturing Machines "Federmakkine" Sandro Salmoiragi.
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Aquaintence with leading Italian companies began with the businees meeting with the authorities of UCIMU and ICE office in the center of Italian machine-building association "UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE". Further internship program included  visits to the large-scale industrial companies: 
•  Pietro Carnaghi, specialised in large-dimensioned machines;
•  Vigel, specialised in production of multi-spindle machining centers;
•  Prima Power, specialised in machine manufacturing and systems for sheet metal working etc.

The final stage of the students probation was attendance to Alfa Romeo Museum and aquaintance with the flagship of Italian car industry.

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Beyond the doubts, acquired experience is very important for the professional growth and training of our students as highly-qualified specialists able to solve the most serious and acute issues in the sphere of our car industry in the future.
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