New Year for foreign students of MSTU "STANKIN"

The last glimpse of the year - that is a fuss, Pre-New Year cares, anxiety during the winter session and, what is the most important, a special mood - expectation of the New Year, belief in the miracles.

Such a wonderful fairy-tale will be forever remembered to Russian and foreign students with its Father Frost, Snow Maiden, real Russian New Year's tree, music and dancing. This holiday was arranged by the lecturers from the Russian section from the Department of Foreign Languages regards to the Department of Youth Politics.  

 Foreign students wearing their traditional suits made a great impression on the audience. Dancing  itself if to perceive it shows the national aspect and brings the long memories to the observers. Students from Azerbaidjan managed to get across the laconism and strictness of Caucasian character. Performance prepared by the students from Kalmykia fascinated with its internal concentration. Nobody was left indifferent by the performance of Russian students.
Students from China, Mongolia, Myanmar, Serbia, Iran, Venezuela as well as from neighbouring countries introduced the audience with their vocal and musical art. Songs of various peoples from different countries added even more brightness to the festival atmosphere. Such events make people of different countries, cultures and religions closer. So does MSTU "STANKIN". 
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