Traditional annual Russian language Olympiad for foreign students of non-philological universities of Moscow took place in the National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) on March 15th, 2017. The students, postgraduates of the Preparatory Division of MSTU “STANKIN” participated in it.    

The Olympiad was dedicated to the 870th anniversary of Moscow and its anthem was formulated like: “Moscow! There is a lot in this sound…”. Participants from MSTU “STANKIN” showed their prominent knowledge of Russian language, demonstrated their warm and bright feelings towards  Moscow which became their “second home”. The audience highly appreciated cordial performances of students from China, Ecuador, Venezuela and Myanma. The song “Moscow Windows” was performed by the united international group of students from Serbia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Vietnam and Uganda. 

Foreign students in Moscow meet new friends from different parts of the world, they get the starts in their lives by acquiring higher education. Beyond all doubts they will keep the brightest and the luckiest memories of their students’ youth spent in Moscow which remain in peoples’ hearts forever.      

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