Myanmar New Year!

In every world's culture the New Year - is a time for the new hopes, joy, fun, cheerful smiles, music, dancing, tasty food and meeting with relatives and friends. As the time never stops and passes by,  the Russian New Year passed, then was the time of the Chinese New Year to come and pass. Peoples of the countries which once were referred to the Persian Empire celebrated Nowruz and after here it comes April and the holiday spirit comes to the South-Eastern Asia. Last week our students from Nepal and Thailand celebrated it.  

 Water festival "Thingyan" (local New Year) celebrated postgraduates and students of the Preparatory Department from Myanma. They organized a warm welcome to the Russian language teachers, staff of the Center of Education of Foreign Citizens and their groupmates. 

The whole event passed in one breath. The guests were acquainted with the history and traditions of this holiday's ceremony, with the dishes of national cuisine and local music culture. The most peculiar moment of Thingyan is - swilling each other with water. It symbolizes spiritual and physical renewal, absolution from sins and attraction of positive energy and luck. Both the guests and the hosts of the meeting entered the New, 1378 in Maynmar calendar, year happy, cheerful and full of hopes!


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