XXI Conference of Association of International Departments of Institutions of Higher Education

Annual conference of Association of International Departments of Institutions of Higher Education (AIDIHE) established in 1991, took place in 20-25 June 2016. The Conference is run from 1995 and it is a constantly Operating Committee of the Association. The 21st session of this international forum was hosted by the filial of the National Research Institute “MPEI” in Smolensk.  

Conference united representatives from more than 26 services from 4 countries including Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland.  

On behalf of the authorities of the Smolensk Region participants of the conference were greeted by Olga Vladimirovna Okuneva, federal inspector of the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Central Federal District of the Smolensk Region Brylev Alexey Pavlovich.  Rector of NRI “MPEI”  Rogalev Nikolay Dmitrievich opened the conference. Members of the university partnership for the constant cooperation in the sphere of energy efficiency NESEFF and participants of the project SPITSE  took part in the plenary meeting.

At the conference many researchers and educators made their reports including vice-president of AIDIHE Dukhlev Oleg (Technical University of Sofia), Malakhova Anna (Brandenburg Technical University), Marion Helemann (Technical University of Dresden), prorector on international cooperation of NRI “MPEI” Zamolodchikov Vladimir Nikolaevich, honorary member of AIDIHE Marek Baranski (Wrocławska Politechnika) and others.

On the agenda there were highlighted the following issues:

- alteration of the Charter of Association of International Departments of Institutions of Higher Education;

- admission of new associates into the membership of the Organization;          

- such issues as creation of mutual educational programs, double degrees programs, network cooperation of universities, development of academic mobility, reciprocal recognition of documents in the sphere of education etc.

The conference became an outstanding event for MSTU ”STANKIN” because the Operating Committee of the Association satisfied the request of our university to become the official member of the Association having accepted it by unanimous decision.             NUST MISIS as a founder and a participant of the forum gave the recommendation of MSTU’s acceptance.

In accordance with the Charter of the Association, it is allowed that members of the Association can be either educational institutions or representatives from educational community. In this case in the course of the conference there was proposed for a vote a decision of acceptance into the membership of the Association director of Education Center for Foreign Citizens (MSTU ”STANKIN”) Popova Nadezhda Yulievna which was supported by unanimous decision too.

Participation of MSTU “STANKIN” as a member of Association of International Departments of Institutions of Higher Education will allow to proceed working on the creation and development of mutual educational projects. At the conference the University of Applied Sciences (Augsburg, Germany) promoted cooperation to the MSTU “STANKIN”.


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