MSTU «STANKIN» plays one of the key roles in the Russian Federal System of Governmental Planning and Management in the sector of machine building and defense-industry.

Today the main goal of the university is the training of highly skilled engineers and research and educational personnel as well as the provision of advanced research and development in the interests of machine building industry and the defense-industrial complex of Russia.

MSTU «STANKIN» is the basic organization of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in the technological direction “General Machine Building Technology” of the Federal target program “National technological base” for a period of 2007-2011. 

MSTU «STANKIN» is the main developer in the Federal target sub-program “The developing of domestic machine building and tool-and-die industry” for a period of 2011-2016, and also the basic organization of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation in this sub-program.

MSTU «STANKIN» is also the basic organization of the “Science” working group under the Ministry Industry and Trade Commission of the Russian Federation which issues permission to purchase foreign-made machine tools by the National Budget funding of Russian Federation.

MSTU «STANKIN» is the main Russian analytical center to execute monitoring of the machine building industry in Russia. 

Priority subject areas of educational, research and innovation activity of MSTU «STANKIN» are: 

- realization technology of machinery manufacturing; 

- realization technology of machinery production; 

- technological means of machinery manufacturing; 

- information technology of machinery production management and support of all stages of the life cycle of engineering products; 

- technologies to ensure ecological compatibility, energy efficiency and engineering safety of machinery manufacturing; 

- technologies to ensure economic efficiency of machine-building enterprises.  

In 2008 the Government of the Russian Federation took the decision to found the State Engineering Center in MSTU «STANKIN». Today this organization executes more than 90% over all research, development and technological projects of the university. The State Engineering Center is the head-organization which ensures scientific and technical progress in the Russian machine building industry and technological re-equipment for its key strategic sectors.

Technological laboratories of MSTU «STANKIN»

Laboratory of innovative additive technologies and prototyping 


Metrology laboratory (high-precision measurement and control in mechanical engineering)  


Laboratory of blank production (laser and plasma cutting, bending and metal punching) 


Laboratory of mechanical processing, electroerosion machining and waterjet cutting   


Application laboratories of nanostructured coatings and production of composite materials 


Laboratory of metallographic and metallophysical researches 


State Engineering Center (SEC) was established in MSTU «SANKIN» in 2008 as a separate structural division to consolidate scientific and technicalpotential of the University, leading industry research institutes and advanced domestic manufacturing enterprises.
The purposes for its foundation are - scientific, technical and staff supplying, technologicalretooling of the Russian strategic modern machine-building enterpriseswith up-to date import-substituting production facilities.
SEC – is the basic organization of the technological direction «Generalmachine-building technologies,» FTP «National Technological Base» in 2007- 2011, the developer of the subprogram « Russian machine tool and small tool industry development « for 2011-2016 years to the Federal Program «National Technological Base»; the executor of major R & D projects, the developer of analytical materials.

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