For the period of 2011-2012 MSTU "STANKIN" participated and won prizes of various scientific events. 

Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies "Archimedes"
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Moscow International Innovative Forum "Precision measurements - the basis of quality and safety"  
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International Salon of Innovations "Concours Lépine" , Paris and  Strasbourg, France
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International Salon of Investments and Innovations   
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International exhibition of inventions and inventors INVENTECO EXPO of Italian Association of Inventors, Rome, Italy 
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Innovative Fair "Inventions for the Future", Stockholm, Sweden 
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International conference of innovations and inventions, Taipei, Taiwan 
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International exhibition-fair of inventions "INST", Taiwan  
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 •Exhibition of inventions in North America - INPEX 2011, Pittsburg, the USA 
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International Salon of Inventions "INOVA", Zagreb, Croatia  
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National exhibition allowing international participance "Inventions, technologies, innovations- ITI", Sofia, Bulgaria
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Exhibition "Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the XXI Century”,    Moscow  
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International specialised exhibition "High Technologies of Automation",   Moscow     
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All-Russian forum  «Education Environmen",  Moscow   
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During these years the whole amount of high awards counted : more than 50 gold medals, more than 20 silver , more than 20 bronze medals; 3 Grand Prix, more than 25 other awards and diplomas.  

Young scientists, post-graduates, students of MSTU "STANKIN"  participate and get highest scores in youth conferences and exhibitions over the years. 

All-Russian exhibition of scientific-technical youth artwork (NTTM), Moscow    
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All-Russian Festival of Science, Moscow   
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