The year 2013 brought the following positive results of the University's participation in different conferences and salons:: 
 International Salon of Inventions and Innovations"Olympiad Tunis-Innov" (22-24 February, Tunis) 

Gold medal for the project "Technology of 3D-models' and architectural structures' production through the instrumentality of fast prototyping.
Silver medal for the project "Distributed control system of laser beam machines"



VIII Moscow International Innovative Forum"Precision measurements - the basis of quality and safety"(21-25 May, Moscow


Gold medal and diploma for the research " Development of laser  informational and measuring complexes for the improvement of  volumetric geometrical accuracy of multicoordinate measuring and technological machines.

112th International Salon of Innovations "Concours Lépine" (30th April-12th May, Paris

web_5126.jpg Gold medals and diplomas for the works: 
 -"Hardware and software complex for laser correction of  volumetric geometrical errors of multicoordinate and coordinate-  measuring machines" ; 
 -"Innovative technology of creation of high accuracy reticulated structures in biomedical instrumentation using selective cathode -ray melting.

Сазанов.jpg Bronze medals and diplomas for the projects: 
-"Technology of hydraulic cutting of irregular shaped materials through the extra-high pressured multiplicatory pumping gear"; 
- "Acquisition of high -density nanostructural materials technology with unique features by using the method of equal channel angular pressing.
Medal of French Association of Inventors and Producers for the research "Decentralized system of NC for automation of technological complexes for heavy machining".

XVI Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies "Archimedes 2015" (2-5 March, Moscow

1.jpgGold medal for the project "Technology of biomedical instrumentation production using selective cathode -ray melting"; 
Silver medals for: 
-" Hardware and software complex for control of industrial and administrative buildings' illumination; 
-"Technology and tooling backup for production of details with special features using the method of equal channel angular pressing".

Untitled-12.jpg Bronze medals were awarded for ::
 -"Innovative technologies of precision  milling with  the help of NC without the usage of cutting fluid. (research developer -department of "Instrumental  techniques and forming technology");
 -"Extra-high pressure multiplicatory pumping gear  for hydraulic cutting of irregular shaped materials" (research developer – "Research center of hydraulic  and pneumatic machines and systems").

  International exhibition "Metalloobrabotka-2013" (27 – 30 May, Moscow)

SEC MSTU "STANKIN" presented samples of equipment successfully integrated and took on board by many machine building factories and companies  as a batch production for the last 3 years.



XIII International specialised exhibition "Advanced Manufacturing Sciences-2013"

(8-10 October, Moscow) 

Research works shown at the exposition and developed by the department of  "Computer control  systems" obtained the following awards::

"Creation of basic computational framework for setting up specialised control systems - winner of the competition proposed by the journal "Contemporary Technologies in Automation".

"X-plat software logical controller of electronic system's technological device" and NC "AxiOMA Control" including SERCOS-drivers and manual operations panel.

 - honorary diplomas of the exhibition.


web_1741x2.jpg web_3898x.jpg

International Salon of Innovations "Concours Lépine" (6 - 16 September, Strasbourg) 


Gold medal was awarded for the invention "Super-hard electrically conductive Al2O3-TiC-Ni nanocomposite, resulted  from spark plasma sintering".

    Silver medals of Salon granted for:

« Technology of 3D-models' and architectural structures' production through the instrumentality of fast prototyping";

«Technology of centerless gringing of hard-alloy forgings in mass production.

Bronze medals were given for:

«Measuring informational system for off-machine cutting tool adjustment. 

«Prolonged axis production technology via vertical die hammer with hydraulic press.

1st Russian-British Forum of Inventions and Innovation Technologies(23 - 25 October, London) 


Gold medals were awarded for the projects:

                  Untitled-1.jpg           ПЛЭ-3-3.jpg 

 "Laser informational and measuring complex of increase of volumetric geometrical accuracy of multicoordinate tools";        

 "Decentralized NC for automation of technological complexes of large-sized details processing";

 "Super-hard electrically conductive Al2O3-TiC-Ni nanocomposite, resulted  from spark plasma sintering";

 "Technology of biomedical instrumentation production  using selective cathode - ray melting";

 "Direct line driver1kW, 4kW,8kW power".                                                                                                                                      

1st national annual exhibition-forum "VUZPROMEXPO-2013" (17-18 December, Moscow) organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

d_2392.jpg   d_2457.jpg

Active scientific life led by young investigators, students and postgraduates is highly evaluated due to the numerous youth exhibitions:

All-Russian exhibition of scientific-technical youth artwork (NTTM-2013) (25 – 28 June, Moscow):

 2 grants on support of talented youth, 2 medals of All-Russian Exhibition Center, 4 diplomas.

All - Russian Festival of Science 2013 (11-13 Ocotober, Moscow)


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