In the year 2014 research and development works of scientists of MSTU "STANKIN" received the following awards of such prestigious salons as: 

XVII Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies "Archimedes 2014" (1-4 March, Moscow)




Gold medals were awarded for the following scientific investigations::

-    "Selective laser melting technology with non-Gaussian distributions of energy in the beam";

-   "Universal wireless modular system of  industrial equipment diagnostics."

Silver medals were awarded for:

-   "3D scaner based on photogrammetric technology of receiving the measuring information";

-   "NC system for precision working of large-sized items using big machinery";

-   "Surveillance and technological mobile robots of vertical displacement";

-   "Automated control system of energy consumption SmartOffice-ST";

-   "Instrumental provision for multi-layered bore machining with the opportunity of adjustment of cutting instrumentalities made of super-hard materials";

Bronze medal was awarded for: :

-    "Die casting for pipe production with plate flange due to the constant discharge"

113th  International Salon of Innovations "Concours Lépine" (25 April - 6 May, Paris)



Gold medals and diplomas:

- "Range of innovative ceramic instruments for high-speed precision machining" ;

- "Realization of nanocomposite materials through spark plazma sintering using hybrid combinatory thermal influence."

Silver medals and diplomas:

- "Monitoring modular system of microcutting process";

- Obtainment of details with complex geometry using selective laser melting by means of power optimization of laser radiation source.

Xth Jubilee Moscow International Innovative Forum"Precision measurements - the basis of quality and safety" (20-22 May 2014)


Forum's gold medal: "For development of laser heterodyne informational and measuring systems with nanometric resolution on the basis of acoustic-to-optical conversion of frequency of light and phase transformation of measuring information" and Forum's diploma of a participant.

«METALLOOBRABOTKA – 2014» (16-20 June, Moscow)

In its educational mount MSTU "STANKIN" presented the best samples of additional training programs focused on careeer enhancement and retraining of engineers of Russian enterprises.There were also shown programs-prizewinners of 3rd  stage of Presidential program: "Methods and measuring tools of angular and line proportions of military technology and  hardware" and "Special tools projection made of nanostructural instrumental materials with nanocoating for hi-tech plants of defense-industrial sector and nuclear energetic machinery". More over, visitors could see 4 unique expert program developments, accomplished by MSTU "STANKIN" under the order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. These projects allow machine tool industry to open educational centers in 2 weeks  to train highly-qualified engineering experts.




International Salon of Innovations "Concours Lépine-2014" ( 5-15 September, Strasbourg)


Gold medals:

 -"Production of oxide ceramics with thermal expansion coefficient close to zero";

 - "Technology of multicomponent manufacturing of items using selective laser melting."

Silver medals:

-  High-speed vibromechanical treatment of details made of hard -to- machine materials with the strict requirements to the quality of working surface.

Brone medals:

-  "NC system for precision working of large-sized items using big machinery";

-  "3D scaner based on photogrammetric technology of receiving the measuring information."

II National annual exhibition-forum "VUZPROMEXPO-2014"( 29-30 September, Moscow)

At the Exhibition MSTU "STANKIN" demonstrated number of innovative projects: research and development works in the field of 3D prototyping realized by State Engineering Center and small innovative enterprises promoted by the University as well as informational and educational systems for retraining of specialists and higher education development. Scientists and experts from "STANKIN" took part at the round -table conferences, team of young researchers participated in interacademic sudent R&D festival  "VUZPROMEXPO-2014" dedicated to the Moon development program and Moon baze settlement. They provided the original concept of mobile laser system able to conduct rapid repair operations(of spacecraft vehicle paneling, for example) on the Moon in the absence of atmosphere.

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XIV International specialised exhibition "Advanced Manufacturing Sciences-2014" 

(7-9 October, Moscow)


Department "Computer systems control" showed various projects which won the prizes of the exhibition:

- "X-plat tool control system for precision multiaxial machining of large-sized details - winner of "STA" concourse awarded for the best innovative project in the sphere of automation and development";

- X-plat software-based logic controller of machine electronic system in accordance with protocol  EtherCAT using object of control  – honorary diploma of the exhibition;

-  NC system "AxiOMA Control" manipulated with the help of EtherCAT protocol from remote panel – honorary diploma of the exhibition.

 diplom-1.jpg  diplom-2.jpg  diplom-31.jpg 

International festival of innovations, knowledge and inventions "Tesla Fest-2014" (12-15 Ocotober, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia)


Gold medals:

-  "3D scaner based on photogrammetric technology of receiving the measuring information";

-  "Software-based automation controller of technological processes";

 коллаж 22.jpg  -  "Perspective technology of ceramic materials obtainment with improved exploitative features;

-  Range of cutting ultra fine diamond abrasive instruments for precision cutting of super-hard materials;

 коллаж3.jpg      Silver medals:
- "Automated system of energy intensity reduction of form making technological processes.

Young scientists, post graduates and students of MSTU "STANKIN" took active part in numerous youth festivals and exhibitions  in 2014 and won the following prize places:

All-Russian exhibition of scientific-technical youth artwork (NTTM-2014) (24-27, Moscow)

2 medals of VDNKh,  10 diplomas   
 1.jpg   7.jpg 

IX - Russian Festival of Science  2014 (10-12 October, Moscow)

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Repeat winners of program "UMNIK"

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